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Why Partner with Neat?

At Neat Loans, we partner with wealth managers, CPAs, brokers, builders, and corporate relocation companies to get your clients the mortgage without the mess.

What are your goals for your clients? To help them finance a dream home, refinance their existing home, secure an investment property, or relocate with their company? Perhaps it’s to help your clients consolidate debt to build a nest egg or leverage equity to retire early.

At Neat, we’ve got you covered.

Our modern approach to home financing is designed to sidestep the frustrating inefficiencies so often associated with obtaining a mortgage. Neat Loans was specifically designed to address these concerns for home buyers, and our tools for partners make strengthening your relationships with your clients easier than ever before.

We specialize in clients with complex financial situations.

With Neat’s one-step loan process, clients will know if their loan is fully approved within 48 hours of completing an application, including jumbo, self-employed and other complex borrowing situations.

We’ve streamlined the borrowing process.

Our process allows clients to make competitive cash-like offers and close in under two weeks. We’re so certain about our process that for qualified applicants, we back up to $10,000 of their earnest money should a transaction fall through due to financing.

Our tools can help you deepen relationships with your clients.

We are transparent, letting you and your clients know all fees up front and never hiding borrowing costs behind complex products. We are fast, with a 20-minute, one-step application process, approval in as little as 48 hours, and closing in as few as
15 days.

How Neat Works.

We work hard behind the scenes so you and your clients don’t have to. Our refreshingly neat platform serves up only the questions that are relevant to your clients. Nothing more, nothing less. We provide real-time underwriting so that once your client’s home loan application is complete—they really are ready to go. In this way, we partner with real estate agents to give their clients a modern and transparent home loan process.

We give your clients options. Your clients can apply for Platinum Pre-Approval, enabling them to make a cash-like offer within 48 hours or Instant Pre-Approval, giving them the powerful ability to make immediate offers.

Our Neat Wealth Maximizer Tool helps financial managers optimize your client’s retirement plan, identifying equity leveraging opportunities to help them build retirement investments and even retire early.

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Platinum Pre-Approval
Our online application automates the entire process, including underwriting.
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Complex Financial Scenarios
We specialize in jumbo loans, self-employed and other complex borrower situations.
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Transparency and Certainty
Access multiple rate options with certainty that you qualify.
Competitive Bids
Strengthen your negotiation power with our cash-like Platinum Pre-Approval.
cash back
$10,000 Earnest $ Backed

Buyers with an approved home loan are backed with an extra level of financial security, with $10,000 of their earnest money backed. 

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Two Week Closing
Move through deals faster. We’re able to clear loans to close in less than two weeks.

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