Platinum Mortgage Application

Leverage the power of platinum

Cash-like offer in 2 days

Buyers receive official approval to make a cash-like offer in as little as 48 hours.

cash back
$50,000 of your earnest money backed

Buyers with an approved home loan are backed with an extra level of financial security.

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Get approved 3x faster

Buyers could go from applying for a loan to closing on their home in just a couple weeks.

Platinum Pre-Approval allows buyers to win bids by competing with cash-like offers.

Our online application is smart & intuitive, letting you see how your loan eligibility is being evaluated, so you can make informed decisions early in the process. You can check your income & asset requirements, and compare different loan scenarios to choose the best option for you, plus find out quickly if your loan has been approved, instead of weeks. We’re so certain about our process that for qualified applicants, we back up to $50,000 of your earnest money—5% of the purchase price, up to $50,000— if your Platinum Certified transaction falls through due to financing.

Meet Neat Loans

At Neat, we work with everyone from first-time home buyers to successful entrepreneurs who are looking to secure their next investment property. Our platinum pre-approval application helps you make informed decisions early in the process. You can check your income and asset requirements and compare different loan scenarios.

Need to make a competitive bid on your dream home? Let’s get started.