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"Professional, Available, Transparent and FAST. Best experience I’ve ever had getting a loan... Neat Loans has a very efficient online platform and their support staff turns around all questions promptly. I knew where we were in the process the entire time. Also - they found me the best rate after shopping at 7 other providers. Highly recommend. Will definitely be using the Neat Loan team again in the future." - Christopher K.

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"While I was already working with another local lender when I found Neat Loans, the costs were dramatically lower so I decided to switch. My local lender was suspicious of the low rates and offered to be my 'backup lender' if things didn't work out. My application was assigned to Erik Lifner and he has been absolutely awesome to work with....If it hadn't taken so long for the appraisal to get back, I believe Neat could have closed in 10 days! My original lender wanted 45 days. As if all of that isn't enough reason to give this team a try, the title company officer was surprised at how low my rate was for investment property! Give this company a try. You will not regret it!" - Cindy L.

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"[As a real estate agent], all my clients who have used Neat Loans comment how stress-free [they] make the process. I have to agree since I’ve used them for my own Platinum Pre-approval! They are responsive, efficient, dedicated and available 24/7 which is crucial in this market."
- Tara C.

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"I went with Neat Loans because they were rated fastest in getting a pre-approval. They were extremely fast and worked hard to meet my deadline to make my house offer!"
- Amber S.

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"In a highly competitive market it allowed my buyers to apply for their mortgage and get through the underwriting process before they searched for a home. Once they found the home of their dreams they found themselves in a multiple bid situation. The platinum loan allowed them to submit their bid free of a mortgage contingency, thereby giving them the edge to win the bid!"
- Ellen, Realtor

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