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May 20, 2022

Neat Loans Releases First National TV Advertisements

In the first 3-part series of 30-second spots created by Otherworldly Productions, Neat showcases how we’re disrupting the crowded mortgage industry. And with a name like Neat, we wanted to do something, well, neat! 

How could we encourage homebuyers to snap out of their dependence on meaningless mortgage pre-approvals and check out Neat Loans? The answer: a behind the scenes look at the slow industry, of course.

“Most homeowners simply expect a cumbersome mortgage experience without looking at alternatives,” said Jen Farmer, CMO of Neat. “Now Neat Loans has made it easy for homebuyers to stop wondering where they are in the mortgage process and close on their home loan in as few as 2 weeks.” 


Stay tuned as our series unfolds!
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In a second 30-second spot created by Hidden Woods Productions, Neat showcases the competitive and stressful world of home buying through the game of musical chairs. The real estate market is aggressive, so the pressure is on for buyers to offer the most competitive bid possible. Luckily, this is where Neat has a competitive advantage to help homebuyers win. 

Neat’s goal is to provide clients with a competitive mortgage approval as well as the ability to close quickly. And since Neat built its own smart mortgage technology, it provides a uniquely different experience to its clients. In fact, Neat is the first home financing company to brings mortgage into the 21st century with its release of Neatify, the only modern mortgage origination platform built in the last decade or two. 

“Today’s mortgage companies provide pretty user interfaces, but behind the scenes, they still operate using the same antiquated mortgage tech developed in the 1990s,” said Steve Herschleb, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Neat. “Neat Loans has removed the menial and frustrating parts of mortgage, allowing for more efficient internal operations while creating a delightful, streamlined process for the borrower.”

Initially, the TV ads can be viewed on national broadcast NBC Universal networks, and Neat’s YouTube channel.   

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